To have all marks in a mobile phone along with the notifications of test evaluation is a dream of every student.


To have marks in the mobile phone and to get information about a corrected exam or a test immediately is just great. Therefore, an application was created for all students at FIT ČVUT. The application makes happy not only the students but also the teachers who can enter the assessment directly from their mobile phone, for example while going around a full classroom of students and giving marks for an exercise.


It was necessary to study the current conditions for assessing and to design its extension for sending notifications. And to deal with GDPR as well. Last but not least, it was necessary to design a user interface so , that the students could have everything important together and to make it as easy to use as possible for the teachers.


We chose Google Firebase to send notifications. We designed a notification server in compliance with GDPR that was later integrated in the marking application. There were user tests among the students and the teachers in order to design the most suitable user interface possible.


An application that meets all of the challenges above was created. Thanks to it, it is no longer necessary to nervously reload the website of the classification system, to see if a test has been evaluated. Also, the teachers do not have to run away to their desktop computers while checking homework, they can manage everything just using their mobile phones.

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