USBGate is a sophisticated device that prevents the penetration of the computer through USB ports and devices connected to them. Using your existing security card, the USB ports will be unlocked when you insert it into the USBGate. This will allow you to use all the connected peripherals as you are used to.

The uniqueness of USBGate

Computers in the workplace and the confidential company data it contains are most often penetrated because the user does not log off when leaving the computer. It can be a longer visit to the canteen or a short run for coffee, or a printer. The danger is not only from unknown attackers, but also from colleagues or subordinates, especially if the password to the computer is cleverly hidden on the desktop.

USBGate is the solution! USBGate automatically locks your computer and also blocks peripherals. This occurs when you remove the ID card from the device. Without having the card, the user cannot move around the building. He needs it to record arrival and departure, open doors or pay in the company canteen. Therefore, the user logs off the computer and the USB peripherals are blocked whenever the user moves away from the computer.


One of our customers needed a device that would provide better computer security for its employees. We won the contract with our USBGate design.


There were several challenges. USBGate was to support as many types of wireless cards and chips as possible. We also wanted it to support MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. At the same time, it was necessary to devise a way to make the installation of each device time-saving and also to make the USBGate easy to integrate with existing security cards.


The device relies on a dual-core processor, which allows, for example, disconnecting peripherals when removing the card and automatically locking the PC. It is also possible to choose from many other pre-prepared events or actions that USBGate offers. These actions include, for example, monitoring the enclosed invalid card.

The device contains a pair of antennas so that we can support the RFID standard 125 kHz and RFID / NFC 13.6 MHz. In this way, we have achieved support for a large number of security cards.

At the same time, we were able to meet the challenges of quickly installing a new device. With the help of the master card, the installation takes only a few minutes. After attaching it, it is possible to choose, thanks to other tabs, whether I want to add, remove, or completely reset the device to the default state.


We delivered 400 pieces of USB Gate devices. We designed the whole device ourselves. Our design included hardware, software, but also the visual appearance of the device. We also offer this solution as our product.

Technical parameters

1GHz ARM processor,


1x USB 2.0 in

4x USB 2.0 out

125 kHz RFID reader

RFID / NFC 13.6 MHz reader

Supported card security:

RFID 125 KHz

- Hit 1

- Hitag S

- Hitag 2

- EM4001 / EM4102

- MCRF200 / 123

NFC 13.6 MHz

- ISO / IEC 14443A and 14443B

- MIFARE Classic 1K

- MIFARE Classic 4K

- MIFARE Ultralight

- MIFARE Ultralight C




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