, one of the most successful Czech-Slovak experience portals, launches in cooperation with Vrgineers and Quanti a device that allows you to experience virtual reality in every household.


The goal was to develop a custom application for the Oculus Quest VR headset that will allow users to quickly orient themselves in virtual reality. The application accompanies the user throughout the use of the virtual reality headset. It allows, for example, descriptions and instructions for individual games. The headset contains 10 pre-installed games.


The main problem was to keep the whole solution as simple as possible, so that it was enough to connect the cable from the included device to the TV, put the glasses on your head and start playing. This resulted in subsequent challenges. Launch the application after turning on the headset, automatically connecting to a predefined wifi network and returning to the application after the game.


We created a mobile application in Unity Engine, which we subsequently exported as an Android project, where we made a lot of modifications at the Android level, which allowed us to achieve the functions we needed for maximum simplicity for end users.


Participating in VR for you was the premiere for Quanti in the VR industry. We have worked very well with the technology and we are already planning further projects in VR / AR.

Our CEO Vašek tells this: “We believe that there is a future in virtual reality. Our aim is to make new technologies available to people in the most comprehensible form possible, so that they are easy to use. The addition of a simple signpost to the entire package will make it easier for all generations to access technology.”


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