Products and services

Quanti is a perfect match for a long-term and flexible partnership, beneficial for both sides – the client has a stable and proven IT partner for a realisation of all activities, meantime our team get opportunities to work on interesting projects.

  1. Hardware and software

    Quanti has great experience in the development of hardware: from the design through mechanical parts, architecture to the preparation of large scale production. IoT is our main focus.

  2. Web portals

    We create customised solutions for web portals, tailor-made to meet the needs of the customer. Our certified developers can také you through the process from the initial analysis to the final (and successful) implementation, all featured on Magento 2 platform.

  3. Mailing services

    The MailQ app is ready to provide you with a reliable distribution of emails from A to Z. In addition to newsletters, we can also handle SMS messages to be sent via a contractual SMS gateway. The MailQ app ensures maximal delivery at the best time intervals.

  4. Mobile apps

    Quanti focus on the development of native applications for Android and iOS platform. Based on a specific agreement we are ready to supply MVP (Minimum viable product) applications and develop them even further.

  5. System administration

    Providing project documentation, server management with common and more advanced tasks, scheduling of individual tasks, regular backup of important data, including performance and system monitoring. Our team is ready to provide SLA services.

  6. ICT outsourcing

    According to the needs of our clients, we are able to effectively outsource IT services, including incident monitoring and prevention, IT management, service desk and reporting, or expansion of the IT team by our experienced developers. share our best practices.

  7. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    As part of our projects and services, we offer supervision and active resolution of reported incidents 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  8. Technical support

    Quanti is committed to keeping its products, services and applications in top condition and running to meet the purpose for which they were developed. Updates are also included, which we notify clients in advance.

  9. Licencing

    In the case of acquisition and implementation of the required software, we mediate the purchase of licenses according to the individual requirements of specific clients and the project itself.

  10. Custom development

    According to the wishes of our clients, we perform custom development - it begins with an initial input analysis, where all functional requirements for development are specified and a specific price offer is based on them, including the expected time requirements.